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Tarot cards Vs. psychic readings

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Tarot Card Vs. Psychic Readings

Tarot cards and psychic readings have long intrigued those seeking answers and guidance in their lives. While these two practices share common goals, they each possess unique characteristics that set them apart. The decision of whether to opt for a tarot reading or a psychic reading can be perplexing. To help you navigate this choice, we'll delve into the distinctions between these two methods and explore how they operate.

A tarot card reading is a method that seeks to unveil the meaning in your life through the interpretation of tarot cards. Various types of cards are employed for readings, all intended to offer insights into your questions about life. This versatility ensures that you're likely to find answers that resonate with your specific concerns.

In contrast, psychic readings are conducted by gifted individuals who possess the unique ability to tap into a person's energy, enabling them to map out their past, present, and future. This can be highly beneficial, particularly in an unpredictable world, as it not only provides mental clarity but also emotional relief.

The key distinction lies in who performs the reading – anyone can conduct a tarot reading, while psychic readings are exclusively conducted by psychics who employ distinct methods tailored to each client.

How Tarot Vs. Psychic reading Works

Tarot readings and psychic readings have different operational approaches, although their ultimate goal is to provide solutions and answers. Tarot readings are grounded in a deck of 78 cards divided into three categories: intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual. These categories symbolize different aspects of human existence. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent soul and life lessons that one must navigate throughout their lifetime, while the remaining 56 Minor Arcana cards are divided into four suits: swords, pentacles, cups, and wands. These suits educate individuals about the various challenges and experiences life presents. Both decks also include 16 Court cards, each representing different personality traits.

On the other hand, psychic readings are not bound by cards or a specific deck. Psychics work with the energy a person emits to determine what is blocked, weakened, or impeded. While there is no definitive way to measure psychic energy, the sensitivity to this energy allows psychics to provide accurate readings.

The choice between tarot and psychic readings depends on the questions being asked and the individual's mindset. Tarot readings often incorporate stories and symbols that create metaphors to frame questions during sessions. If you have a general question or seek a broader perspective on a concern, a tarot reading may be more appropriate, as it not only benefits you but also guides the psychic reader to tap into energies based on various aspects of your life.

Dependence on Natural Instincts

A significant distinction between psychic and tarot readings is that tarot readings are not entirely independent. They rely on the reader's natural instincts and their ability to interpret the cards, often guided by their intuition. In contrast, psychic readings can be more independent, but they may not always provide comprehensive information.

One is Slow-Paced

Psychic readings may take more time to draw conclusions or provide answers when compared to tarot readings. The simplicity of laying out tarot cards allows both the client and the reader to focus and analyze various questions efficiently.