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100 Tarot-related Questions
Divine Monica Harsh 2023

100 Tarot-related Questions

Selecting your questions After you've built the energy basis, you can start thinking about questions. In general, several readers advise avoiding asking yes or no questions, such as "Should I..." or "Can I...," and here's why: Life isn't always black and white. In reality, the tarot urges us to go over our self-imposed boundaries.

Here are 100 serious questions to ask your tarot deck to get your next reading started.

Concerns about your own path:

1. How is my history influencing my present situation?
2. What is it that has to be brought to my attention right now?
3. Is there anything I should be mindful of going forward?
4. Which aspect of my life needs greater attention right now?
5. What element of my life is consuming too much of my time?
6. What lessons am I currently working on?
7. How am I impeding my own progress?
8. Where am I limiting myself?
9. In my current circumstance, which of my strengths might I leverage?
10. Where is my fear keeping me back?
11. How can I get more in tune with myself?
12. What is my soul in need of right now?
13. What do I need to think about right now?
14. What shadow aspects of myself can I work with right now?
15. What are the recurring motifs in my current situation?
16. What habits or beliefs do I need to let go of?
17. Is there anything evident that I'm overlooking in my current situation?
18. What can I do to improve my personal well-being?
19. How can I accept or love myself more?
20. What can I do to be more honest with myself?

Relationship and love questions:

1. What aspects of my romantic life require greater attention?
2. How can I improve my performance for my partner?
3. What poisonous relationship habits am I or need to unlearn?
4. What actions can I take to find a good relationship? 5. What should I know to deal with a present relationship conflict?
6. Why am I still single?
7. What does my present connection imply in the grand scheme of things in my life?
8. Why do I keep running into the same relationship problem?
9. How do my strengths contribute to my relationship?
10. What is something I should be aware of in my future relationships?
11. How can I get rid of codependence?
12. How can I overcome my ex.
13. How can I prepare my heart for fresh love?
14. How can I learn to love a bit more fervently?
15. What aspects of my history could be impeding present or future relationships?
16. What is the most crucial relationship lesson I should learn?
17. Is there room for improvement in my relationship?
18. What do I actually need from my future companion or relationship?
19. What went wrong in my last relationship?
20. What internal issues do I need to resolve in order to find love?

Questions about Career and financial concerns:

1. How can I enhance my existing employment or financial situation?
2. Which area of my job or professional path should I focus on more?
3. What component of my job or career path is exhausting me the most?
4. What is the actual objective of my job path?
5. How can I discover my genuine calling?
6. What are my best assets?
7. What are my major flaws?
8. How can I strengthen my professional relationships?
9. How can I make my workplace a better place to work?
10. Where will this professional path take me?
11. What is the most important lesson I need to learn about money and finances?
12. What steps can I take to better my financial situation?
13. Where in my career am I playing small?
14. What would be a good plan of action for me to advance in my career?
15. How can I strike a work-life balance?
16. How can I know whether I'm on the correct track?
17. How can I reach my next professional or financial goal?
18. How has my previous experience affected my present job path?
19. How can I connect my employment to my life's mission?
20. How can I use my labor to best benefit the collective?

Concerns for friends and family:

1. How am I presenting myself to my friends and family?
2. How can I be more present for them?
3. What patterns are emerging in my interactions with friends and family?
4. Who in my life could benefit from my assistance right now?
5. On whom could I rely for help in my life?
6. How can I get out of a poisonous relationship?
7. How should I approach a disagreement with a friend or family member?
8. Why do I always have issues with a certain friend or family member?
9. How can I improve my relationship with a particular friend or family member?
10. How can I make new acquaintances and connections?
11. What do I look for in friends?
12. How has my background influenced my childhood?
13. How has my upbringing influenced me today?
14. How can I mend a strained friendship or family relationship?
15. In what ways am I overextending or overgiving myself to friends and family?
16. What is the name of an ancestor wound that passes through my family?
17. How can I heal generational pain that has been passed down to me?
18. What influences my connections with friends and family?
19. How can I re-establish contact with an estranged friend or relative?
20. What information do I need to know about my relationship with a specific friend or family member?

Concerns regarding health:

1. Which parts of my health require further attention?
2. In what ways am I ignoring my own health?
3. How can I treat a specific health issue?
4. How can I avoid future health problems?
5. What can I do on a daily basis to improve my mood?
6. What can I do to take care of my mental and emotional health?
7. What areas of my life are draining my energy?
8. Why am I having a specific health problem?
9. Why do I find it difficult to care for myself?
10. What am I doing well in terms of my health?
11. How is a certain person or event affecting my health?
12. How can I make my surroundings more health-friendly?
13. What kinds of healthy behaviors should I start with?
14. What health concerns am I disregarding or ignoring?
15. How can I change my attitude toward health?
16. Is there anything I'm overlooking in terms of my health?
17. How can I reduce my stress?
18. What can I do to feel more energized?
19. What is a limiting notion that I need to let go of in order to improve my health and well-being?